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“This is something special, real songs, real instruments, real talent”

“This is gonna be my definitive balearic soundtrack of 2017”

“One of my favourite albums of the year already and i am including “E Drop” on the Cafe Mambo compilation as a must have track”

“Great selection of balearic tunes here”

“This album’s very Ibiza cool, will be playing this all year”

"Micko Roche delivers the gold-bar in lush melodic soundscaping awash with thick and juicy Balearic undertones. His touch is what sunlight would sound like, if only you could capture a sun beam in stereo."

sounds really great !

It wouldn't sound out of place in the background at Cafe Mambo while I sup Strawberry Daiquiries, The vocals reminded me of the vocals on The Beloved - Sweet Harmony. There's the right balance of cleanliness and humanity in the sound. A whole album of that kind of brazen musical expression.

Fresh and musical, that’s why we keep choosing his tracks for balearic!

I will most certainly be giving this album lots of airplay.

"In a world overrun by turmoil and uncertainty - 'Bleu' is the perfect antidote. Layers of dreamlike soundscapes"


I’m only on track 3 and I’m blissed out

This will be on constant rotation”